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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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leading us with self sustaining power to not only work on these two projects, but to have the capacity to stay in business. your minority business implies up report of the rebuilding and the seismic retrofit of the same lewis and cathedral hill projects. >> you hire people from the community? is that right? >> yes. that is right. >> supervisor cohen wanted me to
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ask about the public-private part of this. >> we could raise that up a little bit more. definitely, that would be great, and real instrumental in finding real niches. i am here with another colleague, and we are both bidding on another project. i think we could raise it up a little bit. we have. i think they are doing a great job. we are doing a wonderful job. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you, members of the board
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of supervisors for hearing this important item today. i'm a citizen of the city and county of san francisco. it was at city hall. i live a block away from the pacific also. i support cpmc. cpmc is the largest private employer in san francisco. cpmc plans to build state of the art hospitals, and it would
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create 1100 union construction jobs. it will double the number of sick beds in san francisco. it is time to invest in making this earthquake safe. our members, our struggle -- it's time to move this project forward. with this news, san francisco has the opportunity to go forward with the plans and innovation. we need this project.
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thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm the executive director of apa family support services. we are able to serve denver api -- diverse api communities and families. i have been able to talk about the quality of care and safety of around the rebuild for cpmc. also want to talk about jobs. multiplier effect of the direct number of jobs, plus the jobs that will result from supplies
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and services is quite large. i think the trick is to keep the dollar's local. the multiplier effect was 2 to one. we are talking 16,000 jobs. that does not even include the impact of the construction work. they have been great supporters in terms of community benefits. they came out and did health screenings. i urge your support for cpmc and the rebuild.
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. i will take up much of your time, but as someone who runs a business and the community, and i'm very excited about this. as the previous speaker said, it's not only looking at jobs directly, but expanding our role in the community, expiring -- expanding our jobs and hiring more workers. thank you. >> i'm going to call a few more names. [reading names]
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next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a member of the sheet metal local union 104. it's a program designed to put san franciscans to work in the construction field. i have been at work for about 20 months now. this project will open up more doors and create jobs and helps san francisco residents. i really support this project. my family is out of work. i know this job -- it will open up more opportunities, programs
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like city build. city build is a good program. there are not many programs that will basically pay you for trading peak -- training. we just want to get back on the work force. so, i really support this project. >> thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. eric brooks, san francisco green party. as drafted, it is not acceptable for many reasons that some of you stated. local hiring is nowhere near enough. all that stuff is really
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crucial. i want to make sure that no one in this room, who has been in this room talking about this issue anywhere in the spectrum is talking about hiring fewer trade workers to build your beds. were not talking about that. we're talking about deciding where to build and how to build to best empower the entire city of san francisco, not just one part of the. which i live a block away from. i would love to see my neighborhood revitalize on van ness, but not at the expense of the neighborhood around st. luke's. seaboots needs to be kept at its current level, are made even larger. -- or maybe even larger.
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we just got beat by a percentage point, by huge amounts of money from a large corporation. cpmc is a large corporation. if you look at the analysis of what is happening in wisconsin, the unions were not tight enough together to win that campaign. we all need to sit down at the table together and create a war room where we decide how we are going to get a better deal out of them. >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is monica. my family runs a family-run business in the bayview district for 35 years. we are also certified.
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we have been proud to host interns from the construction administration training program. we do not do this because is required. we do it because it is the way we have always done business. i have to say the knowledge and the confidence level of all the intern to have come from the program have improved. i think that cpmc is employing baby residents on this project. by supporting this project, you are indicating your support for local businesses. and as we all know, when local businesses win, the city wins.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is jerry. i'm the manager of oncology services at cpmc -- >> oncology as in cancer? >> yes, sir. we are located on the pacific can cpmc, and although our service will not relocate to the new hospital, the overall rebuild project will benefit the services we provide the citizens of san francisco in the following ways. due to the growing demand of our cancer care services, we allow the space to expand. with the construction of the tower, the two services we sure the floor what will be allowed
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to expand and centralize over three locations. there's the main hospital, the first floor of stanford, and the campus. as part of the work that has provided 150 years of health care services to the citizens of san francisco, oncologist need a centralized home to continue providing the kind of care the citizens of san francisco deserve. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. let's meet -- let me visually show. we have been through this many cards. there's this many left. speaker. >> my name is karen anderson. and the leadership for infection control at cpmc. i support the building of the 2 state of the art facilities.
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i look forward to providing our patience with these rooms. the obvious minivets of these rooms is going to be the quiet atmosphere, the more chilling atmosphere. private bathrooms. there are other benefits as well. there are a few medication e rrors -- fewer medication errors. and patient's families can stay with them as well. private rooms act as a barrier. they help prevent the acquisition or transfer of health care-acquired infections. i think we will definitely be able to reach the 0% infections for our patients.
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>> next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors. i'm a neighbor of the van ness project a few blocks away. i would like to voice my complete and enthusiastic support for the project. i think construction can begin as soon as possible. there are two reasons for my support. the neighborhood would be of a benefit to me. the ongoing economic stimulus in the neighborhood, that would be great. i live in a 100-year-old
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building, like many in the city. the building was built to the standards of the time. if we have learned anything from the earthquakes in chile and japan, been prepared is crucial. i urge you to support this project. i appreciate your time. >> [reading names] >> thank you. my name is rebecca. i'm really here to speak to and
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encourage your support for this proposal. the center has been here for 10 years. throughout our 10 years, cpmc has been a tremendous supporter for us,, as well as providing critical support for informational programs. those people are looking for safety net services. just to give you a flavor -- in a typical week we will see a homeless young person seeking
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medical care, seeking shelter, seeking food. we see people seeking support, resources, an opportunity to get back on there feet -- their feet. cpmc has been an incredible supporter of us. we really encourage the city's continued partnership with them. thank you. >> thank you. and for your great work in the community as well. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for devoting a considerable amount of time to an issue that is important to all of san francisco. while cpmc's rebuild can serve
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san francisco, we are relying on new, are supervisors to make good agreements. cpmc makes annual profits up to $800 million per year and they are offering us 40 permanent jobs per year. and they are not even guaranteeing job security for the 45% who are now out locally -- employees who live in san francisco. that 45% have no transfer rights. so, how are we going to retain those local jobs. need your help.
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we can drop in thousands of new employees -- we cannot drop in thousands of new employees. some of this you can address with the community agreement. some of this, if you sit back and think, you can do better. meeting the city goal of local hires -- and ucaf has 20% local hires on mission bay. >> thank you. >> thank you up, members of the board, for hearing this item today. we surf san francisco residents and employers with job placement. -- serve san francisco residents and employers with job placement. we need this project. i also live in the mission and i
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have used st. luke's hospital many times. we have brought many job opportunities to the planning stage. it has also taught at the mission campus. the industry experts talk about cpmc and improving the building project from inception to implementation. most importantly, project will put our residents to work. staff supported our clients as if they were their own. it even hired our graduates.
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it would be great to give more residence the opportunity to build a structure that may help there families. also, we need to be provide. i also volunteer for nert. >> am going to call several mornings. thank you come everyone, for your patience. [reading names] next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for your time. at work that -- i have worked at cpmc for years.
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rooms are too small. the new hospital will provide staff with a a safe work environment. jobs will be preserved if the hospital remains operational. i encourage you to support cpmc's plan. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity to speak on this proposal. i am employed as an environmental health and safety manager for the past three years. one of my responsibilities was to put in place procedures to recover from disasters.
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one type of disaster that is concerning to me is earthquakes. following an earthquake, most hospitals in san francisco will likely experience structural damage that could limit the ability of the hospital to provide care. today, only one of san francisco's hospital means the state requirements outlined in 1953. if there's anything more tragic than the casualties of an earthquake it is that we will not be able to take care of those victims. one argument i hear from opponents is that cpmc should retrofit existing buildings. at first glance, that may appear to be a reasonable option. in reality, it will take three more years to complete and
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result in more destruction and discomfort for our patients and staff. in reality, cpmc would still be operating in buildings that are over 100 years old. i urge you to support the plans to rebuild today. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for listening to my comments, everyone. my name is christopher browne. in the medical director of critical care -- i am the medical director of critical care services. i hang out in the intensive care units, among other services there. and also a citizen of san francisco. i of a child educated here. my wife works in san francisco general hospital. i feel experienced with the system inside and out and ammo
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longstanding citizen. in mind job, i try to stay focused and keep patients first in my mind. i'm not sure that concept is different in my discussion today as we're talking about jobs and a variety of other ills of society. frankly, i am not only concern, but almost scared of where health care is in san francisco and where we are prepared to do what we need to do. i can outline the outdated issues of the facilities that i work in since i work in all four and they are all different, but we are not stated the art and need to be and we are prepared be. we just need to get started. it has an impact on the kind of care we can provide.
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>> i'm glad that you brought up disaster preparedness. that is my concern, too. i'm an intensivist. i'm not quake baiting. there are times when every emergency room bed is full, and it makes me nervous. 10 more beds could put facilities in distress. finally, i know it is about jobs. >> please wrapup. >> somehow, i think some jobs will come out of this. >> thank you. i will call a few more names. [reading names]
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next speaker. >> how are you doing? my name is alfonso rose. i'm in district council 10. i'm really in support of this, of cpmc. i really thank them for the opportunity to get on and give residents some work. and basically that is the reason i would not do this for myself. but actually, it could inspire others, minority contractors, that we could do with. you know, besides handing out. in support of cpmc. thank you. >> thank you up for the testimony. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon. i am a local san francisco residents. due to the uncertainty of unemployment, i have had to relocate in and out of san francisco for the last 11 years. its seems to be a repetitive process with the construction in san francisco to date. this is not rocket science. it is common sense. it is time to think with our hearts and not with our pocketbooks. as we start to build sustainable structures, and we need to build sustainable relationships with our communities, taxpayers, tradesmen, and women. to what is right by working together. do the right thing. you will be the first in line to vote fore